From the formation of the club until the end of the 2018/19 season we worked for the Koper based basketball club on general communication, media relations and managing social media.

Devising a very special Flash Mob at one of the games, we made a clear and obvious connection between the local anthem “Vstala Primorska” and the new club KK Sixt Primorska. Great feedback from the fans and ingenuity of the concept were the main components that made the video go viral and reach a wider audience than expected.

We also connected basketball and ski jumping, as they are both under the umbrella of the same sponsor – Sixt. One of the basketball players accepted a challenge to and completed a ski jump from the big hill of Planica, cheered on by Sixt mascot, Sixty and landing at 147m, setting a ski-jumping record for a basketball player.

We also prepared a special video, joining in to the Mannequin Challenge with Sixt Primorska during one of the club’s training sessions.

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