Long-time Slovenian national team player Vid Kavtičnik, two-time Olympian, Champions League winner, graduate of Danish UCN university and always smiling dad to his two children, decided to take on a new challenge. In cooperation with Generali health insurance and Spontanzo agency he started a new project – video & audio podcast called “Šport 1na1 v Vidom” (eng. Sport 1on1 with Vid).

Video version of each episode of Vid and his guests will be shorter and more impactful, while the full length of each episode of Vid’s podcast will also be available in its entirety in the audio version. The initial idea was to release one episode each month, but because of an increased demand and popularity of this modern conversational online show, the creators already decided to release new episode twice a month until at least the start of 2020.

Vid’s new online show and podcast will be a mix of relaxed, unscripted conversations and pre-prepared topics, such as guest’s 60-second choosing between two different answers, a look into the past & future of each guest, their lifestyle and sports myth busting, guest’s secret “admirer” and role exchange between Vid as the podcast host and his guest.

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